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Monica’s Approach

Floristry is a way of bringing the landscape and nature in, to feel part of it to some extent. There is a joy in seeing nature up close, being able to experience perfume, colour combinations, the detail of flower shapes and their markings and associations you make with them that you might never have made out in the garden or in pictures of them.

This bringing of nature in, softens a space and gives it vitality and it seems to Monica from the years of conversations with customers in her shop that flowers are a natural choice to mark the intense moments in our lives, whether celebratory or mournful.

Monica’s approach is to create flower arrangements that do more than add a visual distraction but evoke an atmosphere, reflect a mood, recall a memory, beckon attention and rouse emotions.

Monica will listen to your brief, consider your taste, look carefully at the surroundings, think about the seasons, select vessels and props that will enhance the look you are trying to achieve and she always leave some flexibility when deciding on the final combination of elements to be used, as invariably something will become available the week of the event that wasn’t previously that just brings everything together.

Monica’s arrangements are honest, harmonious, elegant, interesting, sometimes simple and strong, otherwise lyrical and naturalistic. If this sounds like what you are looking for, please do get in touch to check her availability.