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David Austin Roses Request

I had a request for a rose laden scented bouquet the other day and began to remanice about the garden roses I used to get from a local market grower who has long since retired. Then I recalled the occasions that I had the chance to order roses from David Austin and knew this was another of those wonderful opportunities.

My client hoped for a bouquet that was heavy with scent and abundant with blousy roses. Herbs from the garden, a tangle of flowering jasmine and David Austin roses, Miranda and Keira were tussled into place with the Dutch rose Amnesia for a little mocha tone.

David Austin Roses, bouquet Prestonfield House Hotel, Edinburgh

Later I added some pieris from the garden to add to the vintage atmosphere and soaked up the early summer scent.

Garden roses from David Austin. Wedding bouquet. Edinburgh

David Austin Rose and herb wedding bouquet