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February Bouquet

Now that a few bulbs are braving their heads I wondered if I could put together a seasonal bouquet with elements from the garden. I had a wander round and collected these gorgeous hellebores, some sprouting fennel fronds, the odd fern, evergreen grass, rhododendron buds, hyacinths and myrtle.

spring bouquet from Edinburgh flower garden
I had to sear the hellebores to get them to hold up but it is very easy to do. Just boil the kettle in advance of cutting the stems and when off the boil for five minutes pop the stems in a few inches of the hot water for another five minutes and then transfer them into cold water for ten minutes before you use them. If the water is too hot it will turn the stems to mush, so do be vigilant.
Spring flowers from Edinburgh garden
Another element I added were the old fashioned flowers primula obconica, which I love and have as a house plant. Primula are always the first to appear in the garden but the stems were too short for this bouquet and the mottled tones of these were just right for the atmosphere I had in mind. The simple cowslip would have been just as pretty if you have it.

Potted spring flowers from edinburgh garden
A rummage through my ribbon drawer for this velvet touch and an old terracotta pot transformed it into a table decoration for tonight’s dinner guests.

I plan to do a bouquet from the garden every month now so we can see what is possible from our plot and monitor what is appearing as the warmer months arrive. I can’t wait for the pieris to come into flower perhaps even next month as it has been so mild. It is a beautiful wedding bouquet ingredient.