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March Bouquet

This month’s petit bouquet turns out to be white and green primarily due to a strong urge to incorporate the flowers of the somewhat maligned pieris shrub which I love. I think it is the perfect spring wedding ingredient and would look even more decadent en mass in an urn arrangement with pewter and grey tones.
A white bouquet with seasonal flowers from the garden in the month of March

I’ve been admiring the pieris blossoms as the month has progressed and been looking forward to working with them. They have such a beautiful cascading manner and their tone is akin to porcelain, that and the way they evoke lily of the valley makes the pieris a wonderful spring flower to cut from the garden. I have combined these with the beautiful helleborus niger, white tulips, verigated myrtle, a sprig of young bamboo, passion flower foliage, ferns and if you look closely, some delicate snowdrops. Ideally the tulips should be further open but the mornings have been so cold of late that my tulips are still very tight in bud.

Perhaps next month will herald rhododendron blooms and fatter tulip heads. I do hope so.