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May’s Garden Bouquet

May garden bouquet EdinbughMy Patty’s Plum poppies are flowering already and make a very good cut flower. There are buds galore in a east facing border amongst peonies, digitalis, cirsium, geum and fennel, all looking strong with buds plumping up awaiting their turn to flower. Yet is was the Turk’s-cap lilies with their spectacular purple speckled markings and nodding bell heads that were the starting point for this bouquet.

In theory I tend to stay away from yellow as it can be too hard on the eye preferring the more gentle way of lemon flowers but this is an exception and when mixed with pink and silver greys it can look very beautiful. Delicate peonies, astrantia major and double aquilegias self seeded from my neighbours garden make up the other flowers.

May garden bouquet Edinburgh

Kale seed pods, pittospernum, eleagnus augustifolia and the dark moody actaea purpurea make up the foliages.