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Flower Road Show 2013

I recently hosted a mini flower road show in and around Edinburgh to showcase some of my work to some old and new friends in the trade. I had collected some beautiful moss and lichen clad branches on a recent trip west and had a hankering for some gentle roses to contrast with the texture of these. Here are my beautiful raw materials before I started arranging them.

Flowers in Monica's Edinburgh Studio

The change in the seasons also really affected my longing to hang onto the delicacy of summer so when I saw the marguerite daisies with their lilac and deep pink tones I knew they had the perfect atmosphere to combine with the fennel, curry plant, passion flower and verbera bonariensis picked from the garden.

Wedding Arrangement in Edinburgh

The basket was the perfect way for me to transport the table decorations.

Basket of wedding flowers

This is the season for the marvellous kalanchoe succulents that deepen in tone as they soak up the late autumn sun. These combined with tropical leaves, seasonal spider chrysanthamums, pretty muted hydrangea, roses and lichen branches made for a wonderful textural arrangement that was still soft in its palate and form yet had a sense of place and the season.

Floral Table Arrangement with Lotus Leaf