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Hamish and Plum, Edinburgh

wedding flowers, edinburgh
Plum and Hamish were a delight to work with as Plum had a very strong sense of the colour scheme she wanted. From memory, the inspiration came from an Indian textile they had bought on one of their travels. Jewel tones with hints of chartreuse. Wonderful.

The flower atmosphere was to be relaxed and I had great fun sourcing the delicate poppies, lupins and ragged robin to give a wild feel to the flower combinations. The mottled patina of the Indian vessels I found were the perfect foil for the vibrancy of the flowers and gave just enough height to elevate them slightly on the tables but not too much. Peonies, monbretia, zinnias, sandersonia, viburnum opulus, euphorbia and copper beech were combined to give the fireplace arrangement a more lyrical shape.

Photograph care of Ashley Coombes